How to know if you have Kidney stones

/How to know if you have Kidney stones

How to know if you have Kidney stones

How to know if you have kidney stones

Kidneys are the two bean shaped organs that are located in the back, just under the ribs and on either side of the spine. Kidneys play an important role in the purification of blood and also remove waste from the body, which is mainly produced due to the consumption of food. These highly sophisticated organs are composed of millions of small pouches called as nephrons. The kidneys work for 24 hours daily carrying out the purification of about 200 liters of blood with the production of 1-2 liters of waste in the form of urine.

Apart from cleaning, the kidneys also help in the production of red blood cells by erythropoietin and also control the blood pressure level of the body. The active vitamin D produced by the kidneys also helps in the absorption of calcium.

Kidney Disease

Kidney diseases are caused by improper functioning or failure of kidney functions. The kidney diseases, mainly acute renal failure can be caused by any injury with blood loss, damage to the kidneys caused by severe infection, or shock such as sepsis, obstruction in the flow of urine or may be effects of drugs. A muscle breakdown can also lead to kidney disease by the production of a chemical called myoglobin. When the kidney loses its function for more than three months it causes chronic kidney diseases. Diabetes and high blood pressure mainly causes the chronic kidney diseases.

Common symptoms of kidney problem

Kidney damage symptoms are so subtle that they may be passed off as regular pain in the abdomen or simple illness. It must be noted that Kidney pain symptoms are recurrent symptoms that need medical attention. These are some of the kidney stone early symptoms that indicate kidney problem:

Nausea and Vomiting:

This kidney problem symptom is mainly due to the excess of waste in the blood stream.

Feeling Cold:

These chills in the body are mainly caused by anemia. Changes in urination: Frequent urination with pain is a common kidney problem symptom. You will urinate in small amount which is dark in color and sometimes it includes blood.

Trouble concentrating and Dizziness:

Anemia is the most common kidney problem symptom that reduces the oxygen level in brain causing dizziness or memory loss.

Leg/Flank Pain:

Pain in the back and sides are also common during kidney problems.


Kidney generally removes extra fluid from the body but when it faces problem the extra fluid cause the swelling of face, hand, legs etc.


Reduction in the formation of RBC causes fatigue and due to lack of oxygen the brain and muscles get tired. This is another popular kidney problem symptom

Signs and symptoms of kidney pain

Kidney pains might also be reflected in the form of pain in back or hips. The kidney pain symptoms are mainly ignored so, now with back pain there are also other kidney pain symptoms to be considered such as:

Urinary tract disorder Nausea and Vomiting Severe Fever Blood in urine or abnormal urine color Swelling of hands and legs Pain mainly in the groin region

Indication of a Kidney Tumor

Kidney tumor symptoms are not clearly noticeable in the early stages of kidney tumor. As the tumor grows in size it may present noticeable pain in the area. There are few kidney tumor symptoms that can be noticed such as:

Abdominal Symptoms:

Kidney tumor symptoms start with pain in the abdominal region. It can be detected by a doctor examination or by naked eyes. You may notice swelling of the abdomen with veins visible on the surface of the abdomen.


Kidney tumor results in loss of appetite and resulting weight loss. All this lead to lack of energy and you will weak leading to fatigue.

Blood Flow Symptoms:

Blood in urine is the most common kidney tumor symptom. You may notice a reddish brown color of the urine and pain during urinating. You may also suffer from anemia and high blood pressure.

Flu-Like Symptoms:

Kidney tumor symptoms also include high fever with severe body pain.

Symptoms indicating kidney failure

The kidney damage symptoms are very hard to determine as kidney failure is a silent killer. In the early stages there are no kidney damage symptoms but after sometime it will show signs and symptoms which include lethargy, Hypertension, Anemia, Acidosis which increases the blood pH level making it acidic, Uremia caused when the kidney fails to excrete the urea from the blood which causes heart and organ failure.

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